A comparison of wuthering heights characters in edgar linton and heathcliff

Plot[ edit ] Opening chapters 1 to 3 [ edit ] InLockwooda wealthy young man from the South of England, who is seeking peace and recuperation, rents Thrushcross Grange in Yorkshire. He visits his landlordHeathcliffwho lives in a remote moorland farmhouse, Wuthering Heights.

A comparison of wuthering heights characters in edgar linton and heathcliff

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Heathcliff has been maligned as a sociopath or a vicious psychopath, and while he did show cruelty to those he felt had wronged him, others showed cruelty to those innocent of any transgressions against them, and they showed this cruelty to an appalling degree. Heathcliff is a fictional character in Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights. Owing to the novel's enduring fame and popularity, he is often regarded as an archetype of the tortured romantic hero whose all-consuming passions destroy both him and those around him. In Wuthering Heights, it’s very common with contrasts and opposites. Everything and everybody is compared with one another; Wuthering Heights with Thrushcross Grange, Heathcliff with Edgar Linton, Hareton with Linton etcetera. Hareton Earnshaw is one of the many victims in Heathcliff’s crusade against Hindley Earnshaw and the Linton family.

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In the early twentieth century, the plantation complex went global and spread throughout the tropics in the Banana Republics in Central America, the American Sugar Kingdom in the Caribbeanin places like the rubber plantations in Liberia in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia.A brief account of the important characters including: Heathcliff, Hindly Earnshaw, Catherine Earnshaw, Edgar Linton, Isabella Linton, Mr.

Lockwood, Nelly Dean, Hareton Earnshaw, Catherine Linton and Linton Heathcliff.

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Heathcliff - An orphan brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, Heathcliff falls into an intense, unbreakable love with Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter Catherine.

A comparison of wuthering heights characters in edgar linton and heathcliff

After Mr. Earnshaw dies, his resentful son Hindley abuses Heathcliff and treats him as a servant. The Wuthering Heights quotes below are all either spoken by Edgar Linton or refer to Edgar Linton.

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The Character of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights is a notable work by Emily Bronte. Despite being a tragic and dark novel it is full of engaging characters.

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