A2 sport coursework rugby

Plyometrics Speed and strength are integral components of fitness found in varying degrees in virtually all athletic movements.

A2 sport coursework rugby

Konstantinos Spanoudisfirst President of AEK The large Greek population of Constantinoplenot unlike those of the other Ottoman urban centres, continued its athletic traditions in the form of numerous athletic clubs.

These were amongst a dozen Greek-backed clubs that dominated the sporting landscape of the city in the years preceding World War I. After the war, with the influx of mainly French and British soldiers to Constantinople, many of the city clubs participated in regular competition with teams formed by the foreign troops.

TaximPeraand Tatavla became the scene of weekly competitions in football, athletics, cycling, boxing, and tennis. Many of its athletes, with those of the other sporting clubs, fled during the population exchanges at the end of the Greco-Turkish Warand settled mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Their intention was to create a club that provided athletic and cultural diversions for the thousands of predominantly Constantinopolitan and Anatolian refugees who had settled in the new suburbs of Athens including Nea FiladelfeiaNea IoniaNea ChalkidonaNea Smyrni.

Basketball team Volleyball team AEK's first president, Konstantinos Spanoudis —a journalist and associate of the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelospetitioned the government to set aside land for the establishment of a sports ground.

Inland in Nea Filadelfeia that was originally set aside for refugee housing, was donated as a training ground for the refugees' sports activities. AEK began using the ground for training, albeit unofficially. Inthe property where AEK trained was officially signed over to the club. Venizelos soon approved the plans to build what was to become AEK's home ground for the next 70 years, the Nikos Goumas Stadium.

The liberal politician was present at the inauguration of the stadium. One of the first sections of the AEK athletic club was cycling.


Kaloudis was a winner in the Balkan Games in in Bucharest when he was 3rd and was one of the founders of the Chamber. He first appeared in and was followed by Petoun, Tarsinian and Krisalis. Another cycling ace was Kouvelis, who won the gold medal in the Balkan Games of in the race of 33 kilometers.

Kaloudis led to the new excursion of AEK in cycling. At the beginning of the s, the sport had blossomed and AEK competed with Panionios and Panathinaikos. It was re-founded in by Jason Platsi.

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The Boxing Club was founded in and during the s had its first success. The Italian team eventually won the trophy. The relevant department of AEK was inactive for almost 23 years — SinceAEK also has a women's volley club team, which has advanced to the final of the Greek Cup The Department of fencing was founded in The biggest success for the boxing department came in the late s, with Tigran OuzlianArtur Mikaelyan and Mike Arnaoutis who became a professional boxer in the United States.A PEP written for the Edexcel syllabus by one of my students.5/5(1).

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Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Moore Park Building 1 - UTS Rugby Australia Building (MP) Cnr Moore Park Road and Driver Avenue, Moore Park, NSW The UTS Rugby Australia Building, in Sydney's Moore Park sports precinct, is home to more than sports professionals and over UTS students and researchers.

There are numerous opportunities to further develop their sporting prowess in the extra curricular programme or represent the school in a variety of sports, including netball, hockey, football, rugby, cross country, swimming, rowing, rounders, cricket and dance.

Rugby is a physical, contact sport and as such has inherent dangers. Rugby Ontario is committed to reducing the risks of serious injury through the implementation of World Rugby, Rugby Canada, and Rugby Ontario safety policies. PSAL,Sport Profile.

In the Fall PSAL Transfer League was replaced with MPL, Multiple Pathways League.

A2 sport coursework rugby
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