Agriculture projects

By Paisley Parmer Rows of farmland There are many subtopics related to the study of agriculture that lend themselves to projects that students in a class can complete together or even as a school wide project. Programs such as the Future Farmers of America, 4-H Club and Life Lab provide educators with the resources, tools and even the funding through grants for their students to complete the projects. Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication To coincide with school lessons on agricultural mechanics design and fabrication, work with the school principal and district to fund an on-site animal housing or a greenhouse at your school.

Agriculture projects

Participants[ edit ] You can join this project by adding your name on the participants list. Please place Agriculture projects entries at the bottom of the list. Richard New Forest Cattle, other stock, agricultural biodiversity, traditional pasture systems, sustainable agriculture, semi-natural agricultural habitats etc.

I have lived in Illinois my entire life. I have done a fair amount of research on Christmas tree farming and barns. I am Agriculture projects for agriculture related picture requests due to my location. I live in the middle of Illinois, right near the heart of soybean country, although I do not farm.

Have an interest in heirloom breeds and seeds, that is all it is though, an interest for when I can finally move out of the Midwest and out to Wyoming with my horses. Steven Walling talk I'm starting with Allis-Chalmers, and I'll go from there.

Juliancolton The storm still blows Blofeld Very interested in building case studies on here on relative crops by country using LOC material and newer sources especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Pl77 I am involved in the Canadian Agriculture sector and will updating agricultural content as much as possible.

My background is in conventional farming mostly US cattle but I dabble in a number of ag-related interests. I'm a nursery, dirt, and livestock farmer in desert Central Oregon, with a big home library. Will contribute information from the tropical side of farming.

I have a great distaste for the term "factory farm" and the profligate amount of misinformation regarding agriculture. I am hoping to either add a dairy policy section to the dairy farming page or create a stand alone dairy policy page.


In addition, I am interested in editing the agricultural subsidy page to include some more information on agricultural subsidy policies in the United States as well as provide a general overview of the principles of agricultural subsidies.

I would love feedback on my proposed ideas and any advice anyone has on beginning the Wikipedia process. Was a contract poultry producing fertile hatching eggs, also had rabbits.

We have also practised floriculture and plantation farming of Populus trees. Recently we are trying to grow and promote berry farming. My first article was re-writing the holistic management article. But I often add paragraphs or references to several related articles Redddbaron talk I am a researcher and extension professional in dairy nutrition and nutrient management in the USA I am open to working on a wide range of articles related to agriculture.

Some farming related to livestock feeds, grasses for hay. I'm mostly interested in livestock and environmental issues. Please reach out if you think I could be helpful on something in particular.

I have worked on sheep and beef farms in New Zealand and Ireland and have travelled as a competitive blade shearer. I would love to help in any way.

My main focus is on the bulls used for bull riding. Thus, I am looking forward to expanding on articles related to agricultural impacts on society, sustainable agriculture, genetically modified agriculture, agricultural technology and more. Add your name here.Rising food prices threatening Asia and the Pacific with increased food shortages and undernutrition.

In response to this, ADB has shifted its focus from agriculture to a . means it’s official.

Agriculture projects

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Agriculture projects

Socially Responsible Agricultural Project Yesterday at AM · "Allowing hog producer Smithfield Foods, which is wholly owned by China’s WH Group, to apply for relief from a U.S.

taxpayer-funded bailout program designed to shield U.S. farmers from retaliatory tariffs from China is absurd. Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects Agriculture doesn't have its own category in science fairs, but it is a part of many of the "official" categories.

Here, we've put together a few basic ideas of agricultural science projects you can do. Mar 05,  · Agricultural Projects | Irrigation Projects | soil moisture sensor.

Agriculture Project: A WIRELESS IRRIGATION SYSTEM USING ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGY Agriculture Project: A WIRELESS IRRIGATION. CS Mwangi Kiunjuri today called for synergy in all agriculture value chains in order to facilitate achievement of National food and nutrition security Dr.

Irungu, Director Crops giving a talk on WRS proposed legal and regulatory framework during the Kenya Trade Week.

ideasframe : USDA ARS