An analysis of the book elvis by albert goldman

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An analysis of the book elvis by albert goldman

Elvis (Albert Goldman) – High Tea Dreams

From Socialist Review, 20 February March Elvis Presley was not a lovable man. He was reactionary, sexist, brutal and self-indulgent; he could, however, sing rather well.

The whole book is written in breathless slang that drips with in-authenticity. This approach couldwork wonders for Duke Ellington and Major Lance. As a young performer Elvis used to hang the cardboard cylinder from a roll of toilet paper on a string inside the front of his trousers. Albert seems to be doing something similar for his brain.

An analysis of the book elvis by albert goldman

Elvis used to break his guitar strings. But, a hundred years ago, Paganini broke violin strings. Conservatives can be consoled, there is nothing new under the sun. Moreover, despite its pretentiousness, the book is sloppy and inaccurate.

If, in his three years of research, he had got round to looking at record labels, he might have discovered that the track is called All Shook Up.

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The last point is not accidental. Albert is plainly not interested in music. This is a universal truth, despite the view of some benighted elements in the Rock -Against Racism milieu that the Beatles were not going downhill all the way after Love Me Do. Albert reveals many of the squalid details of how Elvis was destroyed as a singer and an actor by commercial pressure.

His films were budgeted so that all the other performers should come as cheap as possible. But if capitalism destroys it does not always destroy in the same way.

Book review elvis presley a southern life

I have known for a long time that Colonel Parker ruined Elvis. What Albert brings out is the fact that, even in his own terms, Colonel Parker was a pretty poor manager.

He lacked imagination, and seemed positively afraid of Elvis doing anything original or controversial. He failed to organise really big concerts of the sort that were to be so successful for the Beatles.

It was Colonel Parker, not the military authorities, who decided that Elvis should make no records for two whole years while he was in the Army, a time when he was at the peak of his powers. He documents vividly the racism which characterised the society in which Elvis grew up, and lists the varying musical influences that Elvis drew together.

As well as making the fairly standard point about how Elvis combined the traditions of black and white song, he notes the important influence of Dean Martin — a connection I for one had never previously made.

But when it comes to the real historical significance of rock and roll, Albert is way out of his depth. For a hundred years or more there had been songs which expressed working-class oppression.

But rock and roll was the first music to express working class aggression.

An analysis of the book elvis by albert goldman

Arising out of the self-confidence engendered by the postwar boom, it was thus to become potentially one of the key art forms of the socialist revolution.

Because Albert cannot understand this, He cannot understand the importance — and the limits — of Elvis, he notes that Elvis was bypassed by the music of the late sixties — but fails to see how deeply that music was rooted in the experience of the Vietnam War.By the deliberate construct and emotionally powerful force of its narrative, Joel Williamson's latest book, Elvis Presley: A Southern Life, is one determined to stimulate analytical thought by serious students of the Elvis story and ignite ire among those readers expecting a straightforward and non-controversial (read: rose colored glasses) biography.

Freakshow: Albert elvis by albert goldman Goldman has written the definitive biography of Elvis. Dust jacket notes: Dust jacket notes: › Books › Arts & Photography › Music Elvis [Albert Harr Goldman] on Whose sheet music is at least ice maker business plan partially reviewed on this site in alphabetically order.

Goldman's biography Elvis was much more controversial. In this book, Goldman drew on more than four years' research into Elvis Presley's life. But for many fans and some critics, his research was undermined by his intense personal dislike of Presley/5.

Elvis by Albert Goldman is a book about the life and times of the king of rock and roll. It shows how a country boy rose up and ruled the world of music, and also showed his downfall. It starts by telling about Elvis' childhood, and moving to his teenage years. Elvis was always a wholesome country boy no matter if people considered him leud, or outrageous.

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Oct 25,  · From such previous books as ''Freakshow,'' ''Grass Roots: Marijuana in America Today,'' ''Ladies and Gentlemen - LENNY BRUCE!!'' and a study of Thomas De Quincey, Mr. Goldman brings to ''Elvis'' what should be an ideally cross-fertilized background in the study of music, show biz, drugs and the degenerate personality.

On page of his peer-reviewed book, Self-Analysis in Literary Study: Exploring Hidden Agendas (), Daniel Rancour-Laferriere mentions that "Albert Goldman () hypothesized about homoeroticism in the gentile male icon Elvis Presley.".

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