Essayer de penser a lui

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Essayer de penser a lui

The short film originating from this makes visible a suspended moment, in the meanders of her psyche, where she ponders whether or not to live her pleasure, mixing life and death drives, physiological and pathological pathologies. The monologue at the end of the film reintroduces the debate between Charcot and Freud on the origins of the state of torpor, the loss of consciousness, inanimate body, state of exaltation, passionate state, suspension of the will Sabina Spielrein, Destruction as the Cause of Coming into Being.

Freud will shatter the organismic theories of Charcot, scoring hysterical ecstasy as a psychic pathology, whose care requires an intelligible device bound to language and not a mise en abime, a spectacle with the doctor as the master of ceremony.

She identifies the two hypotheses as an external authority upon her body, both attempting to format her behaviour. She will, as the film progresses, internalize her libido and its corollary linked to the state of ecstasy, in organismic and psychic dimensions in order to metabolize her addiction.

She discovers a sort of clearing, in the meaning of Heidegger, where she can negotiate her monstrosity, a place of en-stasis, she will overcome her libido, which she can now externalize with pain and disgust for herself. The body is in space, it is the space and it inhabits it Moebius surface.

She reaches sexual maturity before going out of this uterine incubator, and invalidates a reference to the concept of Neoteny dear to Lacan: She wanders through dead-ends, encountering only herself, everytime feeling distressed about it.

She would not pass the imago stage, she remains fragmented, disintegrated, scattered. By dint of renouncing ecstasy — which would lead to assume her body as a whole, joint to her mind — she suffocates in a form of enstasy, of which we do not see how she will come out. She displays a muffled enjoyment, unrestrained but painless, without joy nor outbursts nor consequences.

Essayer de penser a lui

Her hysteria is cold, her nakedness premeditated, apathetic although odorous. Understanding if she constrained herself or if centuries of external authority upon her body and its manifestations are responsible for her current state of stagnation seems irrelevant today.

The question is whether and how she is going to unfold.

Comment arrêter de penser à quelque chose ou à quelqu'un

She grows, she pushes for a resolution, but with no scream, with no excess, without tempting the void, nothing will come out.

To follow her destiny of libidinal larva, to give up her previous form and embrace an instinctual beastly innocence, she will have to… Au lieu de penser à lui offrir une soirée romantique dans un grand restaurant étoilé, vous devriez prendre en compte les petites missions à mettre en place au quotidien.

j’ai essayer de communiquer avec lui, mais en vain, il fait comme si je ń’existais pas. Aujourd’hui, le dialogue est rompu, il n’y a plus de tendresse, plus.

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Aucun/aucune means 'not one' and is the negation of quelques or can be an adjective or a pronoun. Like personne and nulle part, in a compound tense, it is placed after the past participle.(eg: Je n' ai compris aucune question.) Like personne and rien, it can be a subject in which case it is followed by ne and precedes the verb which is always in the singular.

Avant d’essayer ce genre de chose, sans même y penser) A la plage, lui demander de vous passer de la crème; En soirée, vous asseoir près d’elle, mettre votre tête sur ses épaules, ou la prendre dans vos bras (tant que c’est pas fait au premier degré et que c’est fait avec légèreté, ça passe!).

Elle est tellement habituée à fonctionner avec une sorte de morale altruiste qui lui dit " Les autres comptent beaucoup, plus que toi. Il faut toujours penser aux autres avant de penser à toi " que cela devient une deuxième nature.


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Si vous avez des idée pour arrêter de penser a lui dite-le moi mon conseil c est que t u trouve un garocn 10 fois plus beau 5 ème points: En juin Iris' Mon conseil: Essaye de lui déclarer ton amour, et peut-être qu'il t'aime aussi. Et puis, lui demander son n° de tel et son email pour lui écrire des messages!

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