Martin luther king essay example

Martin Luther king Jr. MLK stood for a system among people to be equal no matter if they were a different race or if they came from a different religion; King wanted to achieve this dream in a way of peace and nonviolence. The Civil Rights Act of was one of his biggest accomplishments. Before all of this happened, King had come to Montgomery and and saw that certain groups of people were isolated and treated differently.

Martin luther king essay example

Example of Research Papers What defines an excellent leader? Is Leadership someone that can think creatively or can solve problems? You could ponder these questions for a very long time but there is no true definition for leader or leadership.

But you can look at people and decide if they are a good leader, by what outcomes they arrive at, the way they inspire people, and the qualities that they poses. All of these aspects are in one of the greatest leaders of all times and that would be, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This man is one to be admired and sought to be like. He was brought up in a religious home, his father was a pastor. Montgomery was a place of great racism in the South. King saw this racism and felt something needed to be done.

Martin made the decision to organize a boycott against the bus transportation. This is were the great leadership that Martin Luther King Jr. King took action against segregation from that day, to his death.

Martin luther king essay example

By taking action I mean that he formed many organizations one of which was Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which allowed him to pursue other civil rights activities.

This grew to be nationwide and allowed Martin L.

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King to help his people through his leadership skills. Martin set goals for himself and for his people. Which meant he would not rest until all his people were free and would do anything to help them have there freedom.

The goals he set for his people were of independence, desegregation, and to have their freedom. By setting these goals it shows that King is a great leader. I feel you have to set goals to accomplish your task. By him setting these goals everyone is on the same track, and the people are looking to achieve the same goals and dreams.

Martin Luther King shows great leadership by his demonstrations of non-violence acts all of his organizations all the speeches he gave and all the letters he wrote.

Through this it shows he is a man of intelligence, determination, also integrity. I say intelligence because in his demonstrations, if he would of fought back he and many others would have been killed or seriously injured and it would be his fault and he would of let his people down.

So by using his brain he was able to show that the use of violence would result in violence. Not the fact that the demonstration was about the Civil Rights and the desegregation of Blacks.

He also showed his intelligence by the letters and the speeches he wrote. This speech touched so many people. It changed the way many people thought about blacks. With the words of Martin Luther King he helped to get desegregation in the Southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, Carolina, Georgia etc just throw his leadership skills and his motivational words that ring till this day.

All of which hurt him but he would not let that stop him from getting his people free. He did not want to show he was scared of the white community he wanted to show his people no fear.He hits every aspect of a not good but great leader.

Your forever Dr.

Martin Luther King Essay Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor, activist and a humanitarian. King wasn’t interested in following in his dad’s footsteps; however, he later changed his mind and that is when his legacy started and changes were bound to be made. King came from a world where he was part of an inferior race, it was this very world that needed to change and martin Luther King Jr was the one to start the changes that would soon shape the world. The bus boycott was just . Original program for Martin Luther King Jr.’s visit to Oslo (pdf 55 kB) Kindly provided by the Norwegian Nobel Institute. To cite this section MLA style: Martin Luther King Jr. – Nobel Lecture.

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Celebrated Stanford University historian Clayborne Carson is the director and editor of the Martin Luther King Papers Project; with thousands of King's essays, notes, letters, speeches, and sermons at his disposal, Carson has organized King's writings into a posthumous autobiography.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. can best be described as a man whose life was extraordinary. The American activist, humanitarian and pastor was also the leader of African American Civil Rights movements. King came from a world where he was part of an inferior race, it was this very world that needed to change and martin Luther King Jr was the one to start the changes that would soon shape the world.

The bus boycott was just . King reaches out in an intelligent manner and gains the trust of the audience. Overall, Martin Luther King Jr. makes his point that injustice should not be tolerated. Purpose: The purpose of this article was to show the injustice that occurred during the lynchings in .

Cook mentioned Martin Luther King, Jr. three times in his address, including at the very beginning and at the very end. He called King and former president John F. Kennedy two of his early heroes.

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