Peninsula lodge chinese american citizens alliance essay contest

This treaty effectively ended the era of the Old China Trade, giving to the rise of the United States as an emergent power.

Peninsula lodge chinese american citizens alliance essay contest

John's, Victoria, Windsor Other Cities: Supplemental material has been added to increase coverage of minor cities, facts have been updated, and some material has been condensed.


Readers are encouraged to visit the Department of State's web site at http: It boasts magical coasts, majestic mountains, wild rivers, untrod forests, and untouched lakes. It also boasts sky-scraping cities, sophisticated shopping, and culinary delights. From the Calgary Stampede to the Shakespearean Festival, from ethnic festivals to the changing of the guard in Ottawa, Canada is a fascinating blend of English and French, historic and modern, ceremonial and casual.

Peninsula lodge chinese american citizens alliance essay contest

Canada has always had close ties with the United Statesas evidenced by the fact that the two countries share the longest unguarded border in the world. In spite of its extensive geographical, cultural, financial, and economic ties with the U.

City residents total over , and the total metropolitan population is over one million. The climate is healthful and bracing, and the area abounds with opportunities for outdoor activities and family living.

Samuel de Champlain reached the site of what is now Ottawa in ; however, a permanent settlement did not develop until after the Rideau Canal was built in Originally named Bytown, Ottawa was incorporated as a city under its present name in It was selected as the national capital by Queen Victoria in As Canada's capital, Ottawa's main business is government and, as in Washington, DC, little industry exists.

Living conditions are similar to those in comparably sized U. Small Oriental, Lebanese, Portuguese, and Italian colonies exist in Ottawa, but the majority of residents are of British or French descent.

Approximately 15, Americans live in the Ottawa district; they have merged into the population and do not constitute a discernible American colony. During summer, there is a flow of U.

The diplomatic community is large and growing. Some nations maintain relations with Canada, although only have resident missions in Ottawa.

Most are small, with two or three officers and a chief of mission. The only large missions are those of the U.

Education Ottawa's public school system offers instruction from kindergarten through grade There are 55 elementary schools for kindergarten through grade eight, and 15 high schools with English instruction and five with French instruction, both covering grades 9 to Tuition is free for Ottawa residents attending public schools.

Children may enter kindergarten at age five, or four if the child will be five before December 31 of that year. Courses meet the standards established by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The teacher-student ratio in elementary schools is about 1: Parents may place their children in one of two language programs: The core program is not a rigid one and may vary from school to school. While some students coming from U.

Instructional programs and course offerings vary from school to school within a particular area. Students pursuing a commercial, technical, or vocational curriculum in high school can receive a diploma after grade Those planning to continue their studies beyond high school, especially if applying for admission to colleges and universities in Ontario, have, until recently, been required to complete grade 13, but this proviso is currently being phased out.

The Roman Catholic Church maintains a "separate school" system in Ottawa composed of 42 primary schools 19 with French instruction, 23 with English ; six intermediate schools five with French instruction, one with English ; and two junior high schools, all with English instruction.

Tuition through grade 10 is free for Ottawa residents. The curriculum of the "separate schools" meets all the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Tuition for schools in both systems is free for residents of the school district.Participants in the Contest are to compose an essay in English not to exceed words, at their Chinese American Citizens Alliance Lodge or a location designated by the Lodge on a subject regarding the Chinese in the United States.

The exact essay topic will be announced at the time of the contest. Learn social studies chapter 8 with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of social studies chapter 8 flashcards on Quizlet. National Essay Contest Winners Announced Students Comment on How Mainstream Media Views Chinese In America T he National Education Committee is pleased to announce the results of the National Essay Contest sponsored by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.

Peninsula lodge chinese american citizens alliance essay contest

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance sponsors this essay contest to provide a forum for expression by the youth who will be the future leaders of the United States. Contest Date and Location: Saturday, March 5, , commencing at a.m. and concluding at a.m. History The Qing Dynasty and the United States.

The American Garden at the Thirteen Factories in Canton, – In the United States attempted to send a consul to China, but he was not received by the Chinese government.

The National Essay Contest, sponsored by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance will be held Saturday, March 4, this year.


This year, we will hold this event at 3 different venues: Boston, Malden and Quincy.

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