Precarious employment essay

Companies worldwide are shirking their legal obligations to workers by replacing permanent jobs with contract and temporary work. This is known as "precarious work. Globally, these workers are subject to unstable employment, lower wages and more dangerous working conditions.

Precarious employment essay

These related costs are often hidden because they can be difficult to quantify and the linkages with employment may be indirect. Although greater public and scholarly scrutiny is needed, mounting evidence points to costs associated with precarious employment in such areas as health, personal and community development, as well as education and training.

The impact of the low wage dimension of precarious employment is especially telling. To combat low wages, precariously employed workers must either work long hours to secure an adequate income or assume greater responsibility by holding multiple jobs.

Temporary migrant workers encounter even more difficult circumstances.

Precarious employment essay

Seasonal agricultural workers, for instance, are bound to an individual employer, and not permitted to circulate within the labour market; thus these workers are even denied the inadequate mitigation strategy of multiple job holding. The Strain on Health Outcomes Precarious employment is linked to negative physical and mental health outcomes.

For migrant workers, admitting sickness may be coupled with fear of patriation or not being invited back by the employer.

In some cases, employers do not arrange for OHIP cards for migrant workers, as they are supposed to do, or migrant workers have difficulty reaching a medical clinic or doctor because of lack of transportation. This understanding appears to extend to mental health issues as precarious employment puts employees under greater workplace stress ranging from tension to exhaustion to depression.

Workers employed through temporary agencies complain that their contracts can end on very short notice. The Impact on Inter-Personal Relationships The impact of precariousness in employment can often extend beyond the individual worker to affect his or her personal and community relationships.

The insecurity associated with precarious employment results in hidden costs related to strained personal relationships. For many people engaged in precarious employment, time for family and friends is limited. Whether due to working multiple jobs, conflicting work schedules, working long hours or spending free time searching for additional employment, many precariously employed workers enjoy little time to interact with others outside their employment.

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This can create negative feelings of self-worth and erode personal integrity resulting in an individual worker withdrawing from meaningful non-work social relationships.

For others, the instability of precarious employment, both practical and emotional, has become part of the reason that they have not started a family. This is a matter of concern considering that family and friends can serve as a strong support system, which for various reasons may not be available to precariously employed workers.

Precarious employment may leave less opportunity for workers to engage in the development of their community.

Limited Access to Education and Training The limited opportunity available to adults in precarious employment relationships to upgrade their skills or acquire language skills has been cited as a key factor that contributes to long-term economic vulnerability.

Often workers are left to pay for their own training in an effort to sustain employment, or raise their chances of securing a better job. Some of them are forced to train while they work multiple jobs — a practice which has negative health impacts and contributes to employment strain.

As Vulnerable Workers Age Workers who have engaged in precarious employment during their working life will suffer ramifications as they become older:In Precarious Employment: Understanding Labour Market Insecurity in Canada, Vosko (), says “precarious employment is a defining feature of the Canadian labour market, yet it is poorly understood, and the consequences are far-reaching” (p.


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Vosko () then offers a comprehensive way of qualifying what is meant by precarious employment. Free Essay: Sociology Essay Young people and the difficulties faced in negotiating a precarious and exploitative labour market The operational definition of.

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both. Mar 27,  · Jonathan White Scarcely a week goes by at the moment without some press story about precarious work in Britain and it’s undeniable that something profound has happened to Britain’s labour market.

The full-employment boasted by Tories is in truth closer to full under-employment – a swelling in the ranks of part-time workers. Homepage > Writing Samples > Academic Writing Samples > Essay Samples > Expository Essay Samples > The Academy in an Era 09 May '17 5/5.

The Academy in an Era of Crisis and Intellectual Uncertainty By Nikos Sotirakopoulos.

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who in the times of crisis are absorbed in precarious forms of employment. This surplus labour power is useless. "Precarious work" is not a short-term tactic to reduce costs or defeat a union organizing drive, but a long-term strategy for shedding accountability to workers and eliminating employee rights based on the existence of an employment relationship.

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