Sc300 unit 4 project la shon

Electrode and Electrolyte Ink Development for Printed Batteries Durstock, Michael Air Force Research Lab Abstract Printable energy storage facilitates innovation in the manufacture of flexible electronics in that it will enable direct integration of a power source into a device during the fabrication process. To enable such advancement, we demonstrate a universal approach to develop free-standing and flexible electrodes for printable, high-performance Li-ion batteries.

Sc300 unit 4 project la shon

Despite the high-blown rhetoric about giving workers the right to choose the causes they support, the real aim of Proposition 75 is to prevent labor unions from participating in the political process.

But in an era dominated by corporate scandals and so many executives making huge salaries while the rank and file barely scrape by, can anyone seriously argue that making it easier for corporations to have their way by shackling the voice of laborers is a good idea?

Paul Bergman Santa Monica Prop. While many minor issues divide us, on most major issues, we stand united. For example, most Americans believe in fairness at the polls. When you slash funding from one side of a debate, the other side has a distinct, unfair advantage.

With a level playing field, maybe our politicians would start to care more about us, their constituents, than the corporations currently bankrolling their campaigns. Ask your California state legislator to sponsor and support clean money legislation. Mike Kirchubel Fairfield, Calif. Burned up over cell phone towers Editor: Normally I have a spectacular view looking east, towards the Getty Museum.

That is, until I just heard that a cell phone tower is going up on the corner. A few years back, the owners of my building tried to put a tower on the roof of my apartment, literally over my bedroom, and I testified along with other residents, as well as experts on the dangers of cell phone towers, that the microwaves that would be concentrated in my direction could cause harm to my unborn children.

At the time, the city ruled on the one aspect they could rule on — that it would mar the view of the property from its neighbors.

But since then, the cell phone companies have become more clever, and have been granted the ability to put a tower at the corner of Fourth Street and San Vicente Boulevard, as well as are petitioning to put one on the top of the adjacent building. From what I understand, three cell phone companies are building towers on this block.

Forget for a moment that these towers will be sitting above a bus stop, and forget for a moment that they are yards away from the tiny Carlthorp school. Apparently they discovered that firemen were becoming sterile from the cell towers put on fire stations.

I have no alternative but to close my balcony doors, and put up some kind of shield to protect my children from these city-sanctioned death traps. I for one am sad to see the lack of reporting on this subject in the LA Times, or our local papers, and has moved me to write this letter.

A plan that would turn one-third of Lincoln Boulevard south of Pico Boulevard into exclusive rush hour bus and bicycle lanes for eight Big Blue Buses an hour was approved last month — despite that curb lanes on this major artery will soon sit empty and unused Not content to let Lincoln Boulevard take the honors for the most recent egregious misuse of resources, our elected leaders are now planning to add highly traveled Second and Fourth streets to a long list of badly mismanaged streets.

The proposal is to enhance street lighting, install new bus benches, rip out some of the old ficus trees and install landscaped curb extensions between Wilshire Boulevard and Colorado Avenue. Planning officials say curb extensions will make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street.

However, their placement will block access to the city parking garages and interfere with pedestrian drop off points in front of businesses on both Second and Fourth streets. There is a crying need for improvement, however, it seems that planning officials have their priorities backwards and the City Council is once again asleep at the wheel.

Most of the objections voiced by our council persons had to do with cutting down some of the trees. One of the reasons why this project exists is the availability of MTA funds to partially pay for it.

Sc300 unit 4 project la shon

The MTA could spend its funds more wisely — like improving its own services or subsidizing the outrageously high cost of MTA bus fares. The City Council keeps approving traffic-jamming curb extensions, islands, bus lanes, speed bumps and other devices to slow traffic and force us into alternative means of transportation.

This plan will further jam traffic, degrade the environment and discourage people like me from doing business in downtown Santa Monica. The social engineers will still say this is all good for sustainability.

Maybe some idealist will write and discuss how the exhaust from thousands of cars stuck in traffic is good for sustainability? Maybe, some enlightened smart-growther will tell me why not rebuilding and improving downtown parking garages will make for a more sustainable city.

Nevertheless, the City Council will still slam-dunk anything concocted that will push their personal agendas, slow traffic, discourage driving and promulgate their own wacky concept of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Sc300 unit 4 project la shon

Bill Bauer is a longtime Santa Monica resident and a freelance writer. I call it the land of yard sales. This led me to contemplate who succeeds in Los Angeles, and who does not. What came to mind was four something people I know who came here at approximately the same time, five years ago.A stable parameter field with constant energy input per unit length could be described as base for optimal cleaving results.

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May 01,  · The influence of oxygen vacancies on the transport properties of epitaxial thermoelectric (Sr,La)TiO3 thin films is determined using electrical and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) measurements.

Oxygen vacancy concentration was varied by ex-situ annealing in Ar and Ar/H2.

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