Wimax opnet thesis

Network Reference Model Figure 3. Band AMC sub carrier permutation Figure 3. TDD frame structure Figure 3. Sector Antenna Radiation Pattern Figure 3.

Wimax opnet thesis

I test access multiplexers and would like to create a network of guest hosts, each with their own IP. The purpose of this is to try to congest multiplexer-under-test with TCP traffic.

There will be a simulated PC for each of the modems connected to a multiplexer-under-test that Wimax opnet thesis between modems.

I would then like to set up a packet TCP generator or an FTP server on the uplink of the multiplexer, where the guest hosts would then simultaneously download files from the server.

Brian Linkletter November 20, at 6: In my opinion, you need a hypervisor like Xen, KVM, of VMWare or you can use Linux containers maybe use Dockerwhich use less systme resources than full VMs and may allow you to run more virtual test nodes per host machine.

Wimax opnet thesis

Set up your VMs and connect them all to the 10G port. Even then, I would recommend other tools like chef or puppet or use shell scripts instead of a network simulator for your test system because it seems you will need more functionality related to virtual server setup automation instead of simulating different network topologies.

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Lisa November 20, at I mostly use python for automation scripting. Or do I use tools like Jmeter? Brian Linkletter November 20, at You will have to do some testing, I think. You can create a set of virtual servers that all connect to the external Ethernet interface on the host machine. You can create a custom service type that supports starting an FTP client and then running some download commands.

When you save the network scenario, you can re-load it at a later date to run the same test again.


But, I do not know what kind of performance you will get. Adam Peace December 6, at 4: Is there any free network simulator software that I can use as a tool to develop and demonstrate a working IPS within a simulation?

I appreciate any advice you give me! Brian Linkletter December 8, at 3: What protocols do you intend to use in your solution?

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If you can describe your needs in terms of the technology you need to emulate, you may be more successful in finding answers. Brian Kemal December 12, at 2: We are working on implementing communication network testbed for a smart grid system.

Can you please recommend an emulation tool with realistic performance and which is not complicated to configure?

Wimax opnet thesis

Brian Linkletter December 12, at You should choose a network emulator that uses virtualization technology and scripting languages you are comfortable using. If you need a recommendation I can say that CORE and Cloonix are easy to use and should meet your requirement to run BGP routing software on different nodes in an emulated network.

But any of the other emulators except for Psimulator will also work for you.Opnet_thesis - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search. WIMAX NETWORK SIMULATOR OPNET PROJECTS Wimax Network Simulator OPNET Projects is one of our major services started with a Nobel goal to serve students with our vast knowledge and expertise.

Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access [Wimax] is a wireless technology, based on IEEE Specification. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

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Our admirable service initiates with the goal of spread our creative and inventive ideas for students and research colleagues throughout the world. A list of eleven open-source network simulators that run on Linux or FreeBSD systems, and use open-source router software.

A list of eleven open-source network simulators that run on Linux or FreeBSD systems, and use open-source router software.

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