Writing a diary entry ks2 maths

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Writing a diary entry ks2 maths

Key Word Activity Diary project Learning objective: The entries will be based largely upon objective information, but combined also with a demosntration of their ability to express empathy and understanding of how children growing up in the war would have felt.


Children can confidently use and understand the different components that makes up writing a diary e. Children should have knowledge of writing a diary in the role of someone else, being able to express feelings and emotions.

Children will have knowledge, through the continued use of this resource, of what life was like for British children in ww2. By asking children to write a diary in character as a British child experiencing life in ww2, it enables you to asses their understanding and progress continuoulsy throughout the topic, whilst engaging with them creatively through the use of role play and creative writing.

To introduce this activity, children should brainstorm with the teacher what elements are used in writing a diary. Over the duration of this entire topic children will be creating a diary to describe, explain and inform readers of what their experiences of being a child in the war were like.

Children will write an entry into their diaries after each lesson within this topic, therefore gradually building a complete account of a child growing up in the war.

The entries will range from writing about their evacuation and rationing experiences to what it felt like to have to take cover in an Anderson shelter or put on a gas mask for the first time.

writing a diary entry ks2 maths

Children should spend 10 minutes reflecting after every lesson, and should describe their feelings and emotions in depth whilst in role.

If your class has not previously learned the differences between fact and point of view, you could do a starter activity where children have to sort the information from the video above into facts and opinions. Example diary entry using the evacuee session: I do miss mother and father terribly so already.

I hope father is staying strong in the war, I do hope it is over soon! Write as if you are the character telling your own life story. They should use facts from each session and you should make reliable resources available for them to refer to.

For example, searching archives from WW2 brings up various true-life accounts from people who lived during the war. Use the below link to find examples of this.

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writing a diary entry ks2 maths

Search this site with Custom Search. Important Information. A Guided Reading Pack aimed at Y1m/Y2d/Y3e readers in the form of a diary entry written by a sailor View Resources Amun’s Ancient Egyptian Diary (Y2m/Y3s/Y4e) Guided Reading Pack.

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